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Cultural Attractions
Ethiopia – Famous Tourist Destination in Africa: No one will deny that African continent is gifted with many natural opportunities than any other continent. Ethiopia is one of the countries with multifaceted culture, great opportunities of impervious land, miraculous landforms, lakes, hot springs, rivers, etc…that makes Ethiopia to be famous tourist destination in Africa.
Culture: Ethiopian culture is multifaceted, reflecting the ethnic diversity of the country. In Ethiopia, there are over 80 different ethnic groups priding themselves in their own individual language, culture and tradition.
Hammer: Hammer is a tribal group in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region of Ethiopia. This tribal group live in a district called Hamer Bena, fertile part of the Omo River valley. Members of this tribal group are largely pastoralists. As a result, Hamer’s culture places a high value on cattle. In Hamer culture, for instance, should pass a cow jumping ritual. A Hamer man must perform a cow jumping ritual before he is permitted to marry.
Hammer Hammer
The man-to-be must "jump the cattle" four times to be successful and only castrated male cattle and cows may be used to jump over. This test is performed while naked (except for a few cords bound across the chest) as a symbol of the childhood he is about to leave behind him. On completion of this test, the young man joins the ranks of the maza - other men who have recently passed the same test and who spend the next few months of their lives supervising these events in villages throughout the Hamar territory. Unlike the Minoan bull-leaping, the cattle are held still by the maza, so the physical risk is limited.

In Hamer society, women commonly end up as the heads of families because they marry men who are much older than themselves while they are young. When her husband dies, she is left in control of the family`s affairs and livestock. She is also in control of his younger brother`s and their livestock if their parents are dead. Widows may not re-marry. One Hamer woman who had long since left the village and begun life in a larger town spoke out against the (whipping) practice as unfit for an educated person.

The ceremonies end with several days of feasting, including the typical jumping dances, accompanied by as much sorghum beer as the cow-jumper`s family can provide to the visitors.
Mursi: Mursi is the name of a closely related sedentary pastoral Nubian people whose language is over 80% cognate with Suri. They are located next to the Suri in the center of the Omo Region and the lowlands southwest of Jinka in Ethiopia. The Mursi do not regard themselves as Surma, despite the cultural and linguistic similarities.
They have a macho culture, with an obsession for stick fighting called donga bringing great prestige to men - it is especially important when seeking a bride - and they are very competitive, at the risk of serious injury and occasional death. The males are often shaved bald, and frequently wear little or no clothes, even during stick fights.
Mursi Woman: At a young age, to beautify themselves for marriage, most women have their bottom teeth removed and their bottom lips pierced, then stretched , so as to allow insertion of a clay lip plate. Some women have stretched their lips so as to allow plates up to five inches in diameter. With exposure to other cultures, however, a growing number of girls now refrain from this practice. The tribe`s children are sometimes painted with white clay paint, which may be dotted on the face or body. Village life is largely communal, sharing the produce of the cattle (milk and blood, as do the Maasai ).
Mursi Woman
Though their chief (styled komaro ) wears the fur crown of a pagan priest-king, he is merely the most respected elder and can be removed. Few are familiar with Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia, and their literacy level is very low.
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